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Subsea Conference 5 February 2019, London

Offshore Support Journal </br>Subsea Conference


Exploring growth opportunities in a challenging market


08.00 Registration, coffee and networking

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media

09.05 Welcome address from the conference chairman
Stuart N Smith, Vice President Asset Development, Subsea 7


A detailed look at the key industry developments shaping the subsea sector. Speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

09.10 Keynote: Navigating a challenging market and preparing for market recovery

  • How is the subsea market recovering in the current oil price environment?
  • How is the industry dealing with oversupply of tonnage?
  • Analysing commercial opportunities in varying water depths
  • Investing in new assets for the upturn
  • What is the outlook for the next 12-18 months?

09:30 Q&A

09.40 Market data and analysis

  • Current asset utilisation rates 
  • Planned newbuilds and delivery dates 
  • Recent vessel scrapping activity/vessels being sold into other markets 
  • The latest in charter rates 
  • What has been the impact of offshore wind within the subsea fleet particularly within the ROV support fleet?
  • What kind of impact has the new W2W market had across offshore wind and oil and gas? 
  • Active and delayed projects and potential contracts 

Catherine MacFarlane, Decommissioning and Subsea Analyst, IHS Markit

10.00 Q&A

10.10 Regional data and analysis

  • Which regions are the most lucrative for subsea?
  • Where are the likely future hotspots?
  • Over the medium to long-term what are the growth forecasts for key regions?

David Sheret, Executive Director, Archer Knight

10.30 Q&A

10.40 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area


Commercial opportunities are present in emerging markets. Speakers will discuss the key drivers behind each market and how you can benefit from future projects.

11.20 Renewables market

  • Contracts available in inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations
  • Contracts available for cable laying and pipe laying
  • The latest in turbine platform installations
  • Contracts available for seismic and geological surveys

11:40 Q&A

11.50 Decommissioning

  • Taking advantage of the next wave of offshore decommissioning
  • Update on the North Sea and Mexico
  • Exploring other emerging key markets: Southeast Asia, Latin America, and West Africa

12.10 Q&A

12.20 Deepwater and ultra-deepwater

  • Exploring commercial opportunities in key markets:
  • South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • North America
  • Europe & the Arctic

12.40 Q&A

12.50    Networking lunch break in the exhibition area


Companies are increasingly under pressure to create efficiencies and lower operating costs. Speakers will share how they have created efficiencies through the enhanced capabilities of new subsea vessels.

14.00 The future of dive support vessels

  • The latest dive support vessels What new features and benefits do the newbuilds have?
  • Understanding why ROVs are replacing diving support vessels
  • What is the future lifeline of diving support vessels?

Daan Uiterwaal, Area Sales Manager, Royal IHC

14:20 Q&A

14.30 The latest breed of IMR ships

  • How are the latest technologies enabling operational cost efficiencies?
  • The latest dynamic positioning systems that keep station in adverse weather conditions
  • Meeting todays requirements for heavy life cranes
  • The latest in diving systems to enable underwater inspections

14.50 Q&A

15.00 Advancements in cable lay vessels

  • Ability to carry more cable
  • Creating cost efficiencies by laying cables more quickly 
  • Operating in challenging conditions to meet project requirements

15.20 Q&A

15.30 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area 


Emerging new technologies including digitalisation technologies have made a significant impact on offshore operations. This session will discuss how the subsea sector can benefit from the latest innovations.

16.10 Innovation in subsea surveys
Hans van Peet, Survey Authority, N-Sea

16.30 Q&A

16.40 Vision technology has the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency offshore 
Alastair McKie, Technical Lead Surveyor, Fugro

17.00 Q&A

17.10 Digitalisation process and benefits in the offshore industry

  • Unification of data for offshore systems under a single unit for strategic data monitoring
  • Improved efficiency through, operational and behavioural changes based on analysed data
  • Identify room for improvements based on real time data logging
  • Industry standardised data and communication format
  • Retrofitting new sensor technology on offshore assets

Shervin Younessi, Technical Manager, Royston

17.30 Q&A

17.40  Closing remarks from the conference chairman
Stuart N Smith, Vice President Asset Development, Subsea 7

17.45 End of the Offshore Support Journal Subsea Conference

18.00 Pre-registration, and welcome drinks sponsored by MacGregor for the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference & Awards. If you wish to register for this conference, please contact 

19.30 End of welcome drinks 
20.00 End of pre-registration

*Programme subject to change / amendments



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